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Most people come to us with pain or other health problems - often after having tried various medications and treatments without success.

In our experience, detecting and addressing the underlying cause of any problem is the only way to get lasting relief and we make this our priority. So after listening closely to your concerns, we perform a thorough spine and nerve examination to to find out how your body’s working and uncover the underlying cause of your problems.

If we can help, we’ll explain our findings to you in jargon-free, non-technical language so you have a thorough understanding of our recommendations before we get to work. Our unique approach integrates multiple therapies to address the cause of your problems and help you get results as quickly as possible.
We work primarily with both your Spine & Nerves because your brain regulates your body via nerve impulses transmitted by your nervous system. When Spine & Nerve problems disturb or weaken these impulses, vital neurological messages that control important bodily processes may become compromised leading to dysfunction and a variety of health problems.

Most people know severe nerve compression or disruption in the spine can cause paralysis of the legs, but we rarely consider the potential effects varying degrees of nerve disruption can have on other areas of the body. Have you ever considered the possible effect of disrupting nerve supply to your bladder, heart and lungs, sexual organs, liver and so on?
Restoring normal Spine & Nerve function re-establishes proper regulation and proper body function and when your body is functioning as it should, healing occurs more readily and you enjoy greater ease, wellbeing and vitality.


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