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Spine & Nerve Rehabilitation (SNR):

Spine & Nerve Rehabilitation, a combination of Spinal Rehabilitation and Quantum Neurology Nervous System Rehabilitaion is the leading therapy we offer at the spine & Nerve Centre.

In order to reduce pain and neurological disturbance caused by spinal stiffness and misalignment, specialised instruments are used to gently release stiff misaligned joints and relieve muscle spasm. Then specialised light waves are applied to strengthen and improve nerve function using unique Quantum Neurology Nervous System Rehabilitation procedures. This is a gentle, safe and non invasive approach with no twisting, popping or cracking of your joints.

We integrate SNR with nutritional guidance, exercise and postural rehabilitation and a range of stress management techniques to provide you with a thorough ‘whole systems approach’ to help you regain optimal health and vitality.

Quantum Neurology Nerve Rehabilitation:

Quantum Neurology ® Nervous System Rehabilitation is a unique and cutting edge healing system that uses the Nervous System to guide the patient’s care. It is a highly effective method of functionally strengthening and rehabilitating the nervous system. We use functional muscle tests and other unique procedures to systematically evaluate all the major nerves in your body. When we find weaknesses or dysfunction, we rehabilitate and strengthen them using specialised light waves and a range of technologically advanced instrumentation to gently restore normal nerve function. In many cases, changes are immediate and all examination and rehabilitation procedures are gentle, non-invasive and safe. Our experience has been that when we successfully rehabilitate and strengthen the nervous system, the body heals itself.

For further information on Spinal Rehabilitation or Quantum Neurology Nervous System Rehabilitation,contact us directly or see our FAQ's:
Spinal Rehabilitation - FAQ's
Quantum Neurology - FAQ's

Soft Tissue Release:

Release those niggly knots and melt away tense muscles with 'Soft Tissue Release' - a dedicated soft tissue therapy that combines massage with mobilisation and stretching which is designed to relax tense muscles AND release restricted fascia. If you suffer from chronic muscle tension, you probably have restricted fascia. Fascia is the tissue or ‘gristle’ that encases your muscles.When it tightens, it causes chronic muscle shortening, tightnesss and strain.

We use specialised instruments to loosen the fascia restrictions and allow muscles to lengthen. This is combined with deep manual massage techniques to release tight muscular knots in the body. Mobilisation and focused stretching are also used to re-establish normal muscle tone and function.This unique soft tissue treatment is an excellent way to reduce tension, reduce pain and increase mobility.


Chiropractors work primarily with the spine and use gentle, precise manipulation procedures called ‘adjustments’ to correct spinal misalignments and stiffness in order to ease pain, pressure and tension built up in your body.

A healthy, properly aligned spine is designed to house and protect vital nerves that regulate body function. However if it misaligns, the same spine can disturb the nerves leading to pain and disrupting normal body function.

The primary objective of Chiropractic care is to realign your spine and remove nerve irritation so your body can function properly and heal more readily. In this way, Chiropractic care can also have a beneficial effect on your overall wellbeing and vitality.

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