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I have been in active practice since receiving
my Chiropractic degree in 1995. I remember being super excited about finally becoming a ‘fully fledged chiro’ and putting all I had learnt into practice.

As I spent more time in practice and my experience grew, it was natural to want to expand my knowledge and enhance my ability to help my patients.

Over the years I have studied and gained certifications in a variety of additional healing methods including Applied Kinesiology, Functional Biochemistry and Nutrition, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Heart Math and Quantum Neurology (QN) – a powerful method of nerve rehabilitation and healing.

Since my training in Quantum Neurology, I have been consistently amazed by the body’s natural ability to heal when the nervous system is successfully rehabilitated.  My patients have reported positive changes with a wide variety of health issues such as
*migraines, bladder problems, insomnia, menstrual issues, back and neck pain, tinnitus, numbness, asthma and so on after having rehabilitation. You can hear directly from them here.

As my experience with QN increased, I developed a systematic process of Spine & Nerve Rehabilitation (SNR) that combines spinal manipulation and mobilisation with Quantum Neurology Nervous System Rehabilitation and this is now the leading therapy that I offer at The Spine & Nerve Centre.
As the principal practitioner at The Spine & Nerve Centre in Goring by Sea, my aim is to provide affordable, convenient and effective care for you and your family. I integrate SNR with nutritional guidance, exercise and rehabilitation, as well as a range of stress management techniques to provide you with a thorough ‘whole systems approach’ to help you regain optimal health and vitality.

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 *Spine & Nerve Rehabilitation (SNR) is not a treatment or cure for any illness, injury or condition. We aim to restore normal spine and nerve function so that your body’s natural healing processes can operate more efficiently. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this web site, everyone is unique and there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to care. Your results may vary.