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Having been in practice for many years, I’ve seen my fair share of what I call ‘THE LAST RESORT’ cases…

What I mean by this is that sometimes, people consult us basically as a last resort!

They’ve been everywhere, tried everything, sometimes even surgery without success. Then as a last resort, they come to us, hoping something could be done to help them.

Although this can be extremely challenging, when things work out, it’s incredibly gratifying, BUT when they don’t – it’s really DEMORALISING.

But I suppose you’ve got to take the Rough with the smooth!

Now, when things don’t work out, I really try and understand why we didn’t we get results, why did things get so bad in the first place and so on.

I have identified a number of recurring factors and I’d like to share one with you today. It’s dead simple and easily avoidable…

Simple put – it’s called ‘FOLLOW THROUGH’

What I mean is this, when problems are still manageable, many of us can be lax about doing what it takes to sort things properly and we don’t follow through on recommended advice and treatment.

And the problem is that when you don’t follow through, you could be setting yourself up for bigger problems later on.

The best advice and treatment regimens are worthless… unless you follow through.

We’ve all heard the saying – ‘A stich in time saves nine’.

So please follow through. Whether it’s following advice you've been given for weight loss and wellbeing, getting to the gym to train, doing the exercises recommended for your rehabilitation, or taking time out to de-stress before becoming overwhelmed… you’ve got to follow through.

When you do that, you’ll be taking care of your health and your life… and minimising the need for a ‘last resort’

Until next time,
Stay mobile, aligned and strong…