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Apparently women who CARVE out a little time daily for some good rest and relaxation have bones that are up to 15% stronger than women who are stressed out all the time.

The reason?

When stress hormone levels stay too high for too long, they kill off osteoblasts--tiny cells that are essential for building fresh new bone tissue.

On the other hand, spending 30 minutes daily doing something relaxing--such as soaking in a hot bath or cat napping can REDUCE damaging stress hormone output in as little as three days.

Do this and you'll be making yourself and your bones stronger.

Fab eh?

ALSO, make sure your Spine & Nerves are also checked regularly - between once or twice a month.

Doing that will also ensure you that your body is functioning as close to it's maximum capacity as possible… then you’ll be super dooper strong!

That's it for now.
Until next time – stay mobile, aligned and strong!

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